Was it a joke or a production error?

“When the gamer team showed me a cut-down keyboard, I thought it was a joke at first. Or simply a production error”. Such was the opinion of Martin Hollerup, Managing Director at Sandberg A/S, regarding the new RageStorm Gaming Keypad.

But there are actually a lot of reasons for making a keyboard for the left hand only. The keys W, A, S and D in particular are used extensively by gamers, and just by being able to have these at the perfect angle provides both better ergonomics and shorter reaction times. The built-in wrist support helps to increase the ergonomics and comfort when playing for several hours.

At the same time, the keyboard has been designed with mechanical switches, which are very durable and extremely precise. There is also an option to programme macros in the keyboard itself and the experience is completed by multi-coloured LED lighting.

Артикул №: 640-18
100.99 BGN
Препоръчителна цена на дребно с ДДС