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Nobody can beat Emily when she is gaming. She is lightning fast!  But that is not much help if the equipment is ineffective. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Although Emily is extremely fast, superbly trained, and has a high-performance computer, it is no use if she has to...

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It is impossible to play if the mouse pad is sliding around your desktop. You should therefore choose a Gamer Desk Pad XXXL! This is what we have done to make sure it stays exactly where you put it: A gigantic size of 45 x 90 cm means that there is a large friction surface against...

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HDMI 2.0 is the new standard in HDMI cables, with a much higher capacity than previous HDMI 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 cables. The connectors are the same, meaning that you can now begin to change over your cables, although you may not yet have a computer, Blu-Ray player or TV employing the new...

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You will find Sandberg on several social platforms. Join us today and experience: Quick sharing of news of cool Sandberg products Competitions Contact with Sandberg Join us today! Sandberg on Facebook...

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Use Sandberg USB 3.0 video adapters if you want to connect additional monitors to your computer and see photos and videos in excellent quality. Several monitors on the same computer Re-commission an older monitor you have lying around Connect a projector in the...

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When the big computer at home is replaced with a nifty portable, then you may come to miss letting your fingers dance over a numeric keypad. But no, entering numbers on the laptop just takes too long. This problem is solved with the "Wireless Numeric Keypad 2" from Sandberg....

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Youtube, Netflix and other digital streaming services are already offering video in 4K quality, which boasts 4.3 times greater resolution than the widely-known HD 1080p. Higher resolution means sharper images, greater degree of natural effect and more detail. In short, a better...

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If you have several mobiles and tablets or other mobile devices, then the Sandberg MasterCharger Pro is the ideal solution. Perfect for families with children, school classes, workplaces and so on. 10 devices can be charged at the same time Up to 24A total: All ports can...

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If you are tired of disagreements over who gets to charge their mobile gadgets during a car ride, then you need to get yourself a Sandberg ReachAll.  It lets you charge five devices at once from a single cigarette lighter socket. It is so powerful that it can charge up to three iPads...

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It's really simple. If you are using a 2.5" hard disk, you can just connect it to this product from Sandberg, which sits in the computer's UBS socket. Seconds later you have access to everything on the hard drive, without having to get out a screwdriver. It works with both...

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