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Sandberg 441-10 Sandberg 441-11

A new pair of 12V chargers are here from Sandberg, great for anyone with a mobile or tablet that can take quick charge. One has an ordinary but high capacity 2.4A USB outlet, plus another one compatible with QuickCharge 3.0. The other is a step higher with a QuickCharge 3.0 compatible outlet...

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Sandberg 420-41

At a time when "real" flashlights are becoming rarer, because we're using the built-in flashlight in our mobiles, why would Sandberg want to launch a completely new flashlight? Especially when Sandberg is best known for mobile accessories! Read on for the explanation!...

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Sandberg 460-30 Sandberg 460-31

"There's always something written wrong." , says Anders Partida Petersen, Product Manager at Sandberg A/S. He continues: "My fingers are simply too thick for my mobile's keyboard. My iPad's not much better. The poor machine chooses one or the other of the six...

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Sandberg 450-10

The weather often fails to live up to expectations when we plan to go to a festival, go hiking, canoeing etc. But the new Sandberg ACTIVE loudspeakers mean that you can always listen to great music. They are certified watertight at IPX7 level. That means they can tolerate more than mere...

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Sandberg 420-39

A new powerbank from Sandberg is always ready to provide power for mobiles, tablets, watches and a whole lot more, even under extreme conditions.  It has IP68 certification, which means it can cope with both dust and being submerged under water. The powerful, built-in flashlight and snaphook...

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Sandberg 420-37

Sandberg has just launched a totally new type of powerbank. Now you can charge your mobile on the move. And wirelessly. Many new mobiles from almost every maker support Qi-compatible, wireless charging. That means they can be used with the new powerbank from Sandberg. Erling Hoff Petersen,...

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Sandberg 133-89

Maybe you have an old hard disk lying around you don't use any more? This great new box from Sandberg lets you quickly convert it to an external hard disk. That means extra space for photos and other data - and perfect for backup. Simple design. Made in ABS plastic. Takes only a couple of...

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Sandberg 406-36 Sandberg 406-37 Sandberg 406-38 Sandberg 406-39 Sandberg 406-40 Sandberg 406-41 Sandberg 406-42

"Sometimes, I put a jacket or vest on, even though it was too hot. Just to be able to have a pocket for my phone. Crazy when you think about it," says Sandberg's Sales Director, Erling Hoff Petersen. "But it came down to either sweating or being cut off from the world at...

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Sandberg 406-03 Sandberg 406-14 Sandberg 406-05 Sandberg 406-13 Sandberg 406-04 Sandberg 406-07 Sandberg 406-10 Sandberg 406-08 Sandberg 406-09 Sandberg 406-11

You can now enjoy extra protection for your mobile without it costing a fortune. Sandberg ACTIVE has launched a range of ActionCases. These are covers designed to withstand almost anything. They consist of a rigid outer and flexible inner. The combination of the two materials gives complete...

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The European summer is normally a quiet time for Sandberg to plan for the next season and to catch up with everything from the previous peak season.  But the fast-growing ACTIVE range of products for outdoor and sports use will soon put an end to that, meaning the entire year will be hectic...

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