New cables and adapters

Cool adapters for video

Many computers, both desktops and laptops, currently have DisplayPort (DP) or Mini DisplayPort (MiniDP) for connecting the monitor. It's just not all monitors and projectors that have that type of connector.

With the two new adapters you get VGA, DVI and HDMI from either a DP or a MiniDP connector. This way all options are available!

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USB-C news

The new USB-C charger cable can handle power of up to 60W.

The little Link adapter can convert your USB-C connector to a DisplayPort, which can be used to connect the latest monitors.

The dock is a great addition to devices with USB-C connectors, providing both HDMI connector to monitor, network connection, card reader, 2 regular USB3 connectors and the option to charge while the dock is still connected.

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Excellence charger cable - now in red

A red mobile phone should have a red charger cable. The new Sandberg Excellence Lightning cable is top notch. A cable winder in real leather is included in the package, and the cable is naturally Apple MFI-certified.

Sandberg Excellence is the best of the best.

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