Wireless numeric pad for the laptop

When the big computer at home is replaced with a nifty portable, then you may come to miss letting your fingers dance over a numeric keypad. But no, entering numbers on the laptop just takes too long.

This problem is solved with the "Wireless Numeric Keypad 2" from Sandberg. This new and improved version is not just wireless, it is also ultra-fast to use. Indeed, we have gone the extra mile for the tactile response of these buttons, so every keystroke is recorded quickly and accurately, and a very high typing speed can be achieved.

Left-handed? Then our little keypad can also be the solution next to the regular computer keyboard which, as always, it is designed for right-handed users, when it comes to entering numbers. 

Ergonomic? As the wireless numeric pad can be placed anywhere on the table, it provides more opportunities to vary the working position than when the numeric pad and alphanumeric keyboard sit together.

Item no.: 630-05
66.99 GEL
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