An extra friend on the trip

There are a couple of good reasons why we decided to call this product the “Bluetooth Buddy”. 

It’s a new friend for you and your smartphone!

Charge Buddy up at home and get out on the road. Buddy is there to help with:
  • Loudspeaker that connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • The speaker can also be used with cables
  • Charging your mobile if it runs out along the way
  • Torch
  • Remote controlled camera trigger to take selfies at a distance
  • Remote control of volume and playlist
  • Hands-free answering of calls or conference calls
Bluetooth Buddy is simply a loudspeaker, Powerbank, torch, remote selfie and hands-free all rolled into an attractive unit of black aluminium and other exclusive materials.

Item no.: 450-09
SAR 99.00
RRP incl. VAT