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Sandberg 450-05 Sandberg 450-06

You can obtain a really good and wireless sound by selecting one of Sandberg's Bluetooth Pro products. Both have a 5-year warranty and offer wireless connection to tablet, computer, music player or mobile telephone. Sandberg Bluetooth Stereo Headset Pro 50 mm Neodymium units...

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Sandberg 420-16

Anyone can run their mobile phone battery's power out from time to time. All of us have found ourselves in the dark at some point or another. Sometimes, there just isn't a mains socket to be found. Anyone , each and every one of us - and all the rest...

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Let's start by getting one thing straight: If you want a headset with great sound quality for the money, then you should choose Sandberg . It is our utmost priority that you can get the best sound experience for the price you pay for the headset compared with other brands....

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Sandberg 440-80

With the Sandberg OTG SD Card Reader it has become incredibly easy to get pictures, music and other content from an SD card. The card reader is attached to the Micro-USB port on the mobile phone. Now you can connect an SD card from a digital camera to the card reader, and get instant access...

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Sandberg 133-65

The fantastic development in smartphones has brought such impressive antenna technology to the market that we were able to create the Sandberg Micro WiFi USB Dongle. Besides a USB connector, the tiny dongle is no bigger than an almond. Inside this tiny device there is both a wireless network...

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When your mobile phone, GPS or digital camera needs charging, it's important to use a good quality charger and cable.  Sandberg has only the best products on offer, all of which live up to not only official safety standards but also our own requirements for high quality, durability and...

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Sandberg 135-67

It doesn't have to be so expensive to get hold of an extra power supply for your laptop. Maybe the original one has got lost, or you thought perhaps it might be practical to have a charger lying around in various places in the house. We have a universal solution, which fits most laptops. You...

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Sandberg 133-78

John had finally got his mum to buy him an Ultrabook. Cool! It was to be used for school work as well as for playing games and enjoyment on the floor, in the bed, on the sofa - all over the place. But the pleasure was short-lived, as...

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Sandberg 133-73 Sandberg 133-72

The USB 3.0 card reader from Sandberg can operate up to ten times faster than other well-known USB 2.0 card readers. You need a computer and memory card that support USB 3.0. Once connected, it is an extremely quick way to transfer photos, video and other data from a camera or mobile for example....

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Sandberg 420-15

Peter loves to challenge himself. This year he decided to hike 180 km in three days, with nights out in the open. A new personal record. And most importantly: all his Facebook friends can follow him. He had a backup battery in his smartphone that...

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