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Tu można znaleźć najnowszy biuletyn firmy Sandberg. Tu można znaleźć biuletyny, które nie zostały jeszcze rozesłane. Najnowsze znajdują się na szczycie listy. Biuletyny są w języku angielskim.

Sandberg 135-66

Sandberg's laptop charger is useful in many situations. It is light and elegant, works with virtually all laptops( click here for a list ) and has a built-in USB charger. At a fixed place in the house where all the laptops and mobiles can be charged. In company or...

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Sandberg 480-04 Sandberg 480-03 Sandberg 480-00 Sandberg 480-01 Sandberg 480-02 Sandberg 480-07

Sandberg Excellence mobile cables can make a virtue out of a necessity. Why settle for an ordinary cable, when you can have luxury, elegance and high performance? Excellence incorporates the finest materials, the best assembly...

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Sandberg 520-23 Sandberg 520-28 Sandberg 520-24 Sandberg 520-25

Many people suffer daily from pain in the wrist, back and forearms due to the repetitive tasks on the computer. Sandberg recommends that you support your wrist while working at the computer so that the load is reduced. Choose a gel...

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Sandberg 125-77

Sensory effect that completes the gaming experience.  That is Sandberg Derecho. A headset that enhances your gaming experience. Provides greater realism. Puts you at the centre of the action. You also get an attractive microphone and the option to change the colour of the lighting...

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Sandberg 640-01 Sandberg 640-02 Sandberg 640-03

Nobody can beat Emily when she is gaming. She is lightning fast!  But that is not much help if the equipment is ineffective. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Although Emily is extremely fast, superbly trained, and has a high-performance computer, it is no use if she has to...

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Sandberg 520-27

It is impossible to play if the mouse pad is sliding around your desktop. You should therefore choose a Gamer Desk Pad XXXL! This is what we have done to make sure it stays exactly where you put it: A gigantic size of 45 x 90 cm means that there is a large friction surface against...

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Sandberg 508-97

HDMI 2.0 is the new standard in HDMI cables, with a much higher capacity than previous HDMI 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 cables. The connectors are the same, meaning that you can now begin to change over your cables, although you may not yet have a computer, Blu-Ray player or TV employing the new...

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You will find Sandberg on several social platforms. Join us today and experience: Quick sharing of news of cool Sandberg products Competitions Contact with Sandberg Join us today! Sandberg on Facebook...

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Sandberg 133-84 Sandberg 133-85

Use Sandberg USB 3.0 video adapters if you want to connect additional monitors to your computer and see photos and videos in excellent quality. Several monitors on the same computer Re-commission an older monitor you have lying around Connect a projector in the...

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Sandberg 630-05

When the big computer at home is replaced with a nifty portable, then you may come to miss letting your fingers dance over a numeric keypad. But no, entering numbers on the laptop just takes too long. This problem is solved with the "Wireless Numeric Keypad 2" from Sandberg....

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