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New Surround headsets


The Savage gaming headset offering 7.1 virtual Surround Sound was released onto the market by Sandberg just a few months ago. The next two are already on their way, this time at even lower prices - though still with impressive specifications and a 5-year warranty. The Savage headset has...


Back in the summer of 2019, Sandberg introduced a wireless mobile charger that came in various colours with a marble look. This resulted in some “wild” wishes from certain consumers who liked the idea of a real marble wireless charger instead of just fake marble. Sandberg is a company...


In a market where a myriad of powerbanks are already available, Sandberg has sent one more onto the market. But with this powerbank, it's not about getting as many mAhs as possible for your money. Instead, Sandberg has gone about the task from an entirely different angle and decided...


With a new product, Sandberg is combining a really strong USB-HUB with an equally strong USB charger and packing it together with a rather powerful power supply with a travel adaptor. Does that sound like a lot of things all at once? It is - but it is precisely what many...


Usually, a wireless charger is meant to be used for e.g. one smartwatch or one smartphone. Sandberg changes this with this new Qi-compatible, wireless charger. It has no less than five charging coils under the surface, so you can simply place smartphones or other...


A docking station makes it possible to very quickly transform a laptop into a desktop computer. On your desk at home or in the office, screens, mouse, keyboard, network, headset and everything else are connected to the docking station. When you arrive with your laptop, all you have to do...


A typical powerbank for a mobile provides an output of 5-12W. Therefore, it is pretty sensational that Sandberg is able to send a powerbank with a solid output of 100W to market. The impressive 100W are divided by 88W for the laptop (or mobile device with a USB-C port)...


When Sandberg presents its new bungees, which are targeted at the gamer market, you will perhaps be wondering if it's time to find the nearest bridge and make a spectacular jump with elastic tied around your ankle? But that's not what its about in this case!...


Sandberg releases a new PC microphone on the market. The primary target group is gamers, but anyone who needs to record high quality sound can benefit from this microphone. For example, it can greatly increase the quality of a YouTube video. The microphone is supplied...


The latest gaming mouse from Sandberg offers something as extraordinary as the possibility to adjust the weight of the mouse. There are now many types of mouse on the market where the functions of the buttons, resolution of the mouse, reaction rate and much more can be...

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