Docking for iPad 2+3 Sandberg
Docking for iPad 2+3
USD 11.99

This product has been discontinued
Item no.: 440-13
EAN: 5705730440137

With the Sandberg Docking for iPad 2&3, you can sync your iPad with your computer and charge the battery from there directly or from a charger with a USB port. You get somewhere permanent to dock your iPad and can easily see the display from a distance. Use the original sync cable. says:

»The highest value for money.«

  • Input: 30 pin standard female socket
  • Output: 30 pin standard plug
  • Output Audio: 3.5mm MiniJack Female


Product Package
Height 18 cm
Width 11 cm
Depth 7 cm
Weight 200 g
440-13 Docking for iPad 2+3

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